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This Weekend

Game Changer

Powered by the Fruit of the Spirit

For us, it was game over before it even began. We’re all out of lives and our high score isn’t even close to record setting. But what if we relinquished the joystick, allowing someone else to maneuver our steps and navigate our course? Could powering up on the fruit of His spirit be the ultimate Game Changer—enabling us overcome the toughest blows, to defy overwhelming odds, and to conquer those unthinkable situations?

Faith Church | Summer 2014

Worship Music

We are often asked for the details of the songs that were used in worship during the weekend services. Below is a list of the music from the past weekend services at the Dyer Campus. (Music at the multi-site campuses sometimes varies)

Aug 23 & 24, 2014

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)   Matt Redman
Never Once Matt Redman, J. Ingram, Tim W    
Great Is Thy Faithfulness public domain
Holiness Scott Underwood