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This Weekend

When God Seems Silent

A Journey through the Book of Ruth

God usually works in the ordinary events of everyday life. Miracles do happen, but God regularly accomplishes his purposes and blesses his people through routine occurrences.

In the book of Ruth we don’t see great miracles. There are no Red Sea crossings. But God is still active and faithful to his hurting children. Naomi felt abandoned by God, but by the end God proved faithful. God is trustworthy in our darkest hours.

Ruth is a simple, beautiful story of God’s faithfulness in our suffering and pain. In this book God is seemingly quiet, but he’s still present and active and speaking.

Ruth teaches that God speaks to us in our pain. Not in wind, fire or earthquake, but in a still small voice. Do we hear him? Can we hear him? Are we listening? What is God saying?

 In four chapters of the book of Ruth we hear God speaking to us. What is he saying? – “Remember!” If we remember we will experience pain relief. When in pain…remember…

Week One November 8/9:
Scripture Reference:  Ruth 1:1-1:22

Week Two November 15/16:  
Scripture Reference:  Ruth 2:1-23

Week Three November 22/23:
Scripture Reference:  Ruth 3:1-4:13a

Week Four November 29/30:  
Scripture Reference:  Ruth 4:13b-22

Worship Music

We are often asked for the details of the songs that were used in worship during the weekend services. Below is a list of the music from the past weekend services at the Dyer Campus. (Music at the multi-site campuses sometimes varies)

Nov 15 & 16, 2014

Everlasting God     Brenton Brown
Glorious Ruins  Matt Crocker, Joel Houston  
Never Once Jason Ingram, Matt Redman, Tim Wanstall  
God Is Able    Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan