WIRED_for justice Genesis 3:8-19

  1. When you look at the garden in Genesis (before sin), what are some signs that indicate that God made people to experience wholeness in their life, faith, and relationships?
  2. What are some of the tactics the devil used to lure Adam & Eve into sin and lead them toward brokenness?
  3. How does Satan use some of these same tactics today? How can we identify the Evil one’s enticements and avoid falling into sin?
  4. How have you seen sin do the following in your life (and the lives of those you love): Take away joy; Suck the life out of us.
  5. What has God done to bring wholeness and restore sinful and broken people? How is Jesus the pathway to wholeness?
  6. How has your life been healed because of Jesus? How does a friendship with God bring you joy? How is life more full and meaningful because you have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus?
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