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Scripture Reference:  Matthew 22:34-40
Discuss the following questions with your Mini-Church:

1. In this weekends message, the lawyer had a head and heart problem – he knew the law, very well, but applying it to his life was where he found himself lacking. Do you ever have head and heart confusion, especially with regard to loving God and loving neighbor? Share some examples with the group.
2. Jesus calls us to keep both commandments: “To love God and love neighbor.”  What happens if we are tempted to love God at the expense of our neighbor or love our neighbor at the expense of loving God? Are there any real examples in your life where you have seen or done this?
3. Who is your hardest person to love?
4. Who is God calling you to love this week? In the next 24 hours? Discuss as a group how you will hold one another accountable to this.
5. How can we as a group work to “restore the world one relationship at a time?”

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