Two Tiered Thankfulness

                I am a two tiered thankful guy! What I mean by that is as a Christian, my thankfulness this season has two levels, two categories or two spheres.

                The first is the “common sense” grace tier. At this level we thank God along with all people in this country for all of the things, people and freedoms we have. We thank God for our soil and toil, trees and the breeze, family, friends, clothes, food and all things that we have in common in this world.

                The second tier, for a Christian, is the “special grace” thankfulness tier. It’s the special grace that God has revealed to us in Jesus Christ. It’s the special grace to know that our sins are washed away in Jesus Christ. And it’s the special grace to know how special it is to be a child of God. It is special because it enables us to be thankful in suffering and in death. It’s special because we have been given access to God through Christ Jesus to tell Him personally of our thankfulness and ultimately forever and ever in eternity.

                This week Americans will join in common with us to offer thanks but we have the privilege and honor to offer a two tier thanks to God. It can bring us to tears.

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