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How the Gospel Calls Us to Respond to Refugees

Early on in the Justice Series we just completed at Faith Church, Pastor Brian Dennert and myself discussed the topic of refugees and what our call is towards them. Refugees have remained in the news and have become even more … …Read More

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This past weekend, we completed our Justice Series at Faith Church. The following are a few observations that stand out. Justice is God’s nature. Justice is human beings co-laboring with God to bend or restore God’s world back to God’s … …Read More

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The Meaning of Baptism

I’ve asked Pastor Brian Dennert to post on my blog on a regular basis to help us understand truths about God’s Word and our world. This week he’s written about baptism.  What Baptism Means for Us By Brian Dennert, Pastor … …Read More

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Why You Need to Attend the Leadership Summit

An Interview with Anne Contreras: A Christian View of Leadership You are a highly educated woman who has spent years in the corporate setting, both in finance and education administration. You left the workplace for a number of years to … …Read More

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Impacting the World

This past weekend, Laurie and I had the privilege of attending a World Vision Conference in Downtown Chicago. We were invited because I serve on the Pastoral Advisory Team with Rich Stearns.  It was a remarkable yet challenging weekend. It … …Read More

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