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Evaluating Evaluating


Throughout the Bible God asks us to do self-evaluations (I Timothy 4:16) and be humble and submissive to Christian accountability and evaluate (Acts 20:28). How about you?  Is evaluation a part of your life? Do you evaluate your work, school … …Read More

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What God is doing in Highland

join day 1

I frequently tell people that I’d much rather be a part of something that God is doing than anything I could create on my own.  2 Sundays ago I had the privilege of witnessing something special at Faith-Highland. The above … …Read More

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The Great Debate – Evolution vs Creation


I spent a few hours last night watching a debate between Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of the Creation Museum, and Bill Nye, the Science Guy.  They were debating Evolution (Nye) vs 6-Day Creation (Ham). It was a very interesting … …Read More

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Reflecting on Reflectors


I was recently invited to speak at a servanteer celebration honoring those who serve in our disabilities ministry, Reflectors. I approached this opportunity with the mindset I would be “helping” the volunteers and parents of children who are a part … …Read More

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We’re fresh off the weekend message and I am receiving a lot of positive feedback about the need to occasionally ”unplug” from all things electronic or screens. I am pro-screen time, however, I am more pro-Savior time. When our screen time … …Read More

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