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Jellyfish and God’s will for my life


About two years ago, as I was wrapping up my time in the Faith Church Leadership Training Residency (LTR), I was asked to come in and meet with some of the leaders of Faith Church, to discuss my time in … …Read More

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Resurrection Reflection

In some ways I haven’t recovered from last weekend.  I’m not sure I want to because God’s very presence was so amazing.  Allow me to share my reflections. They will range from the obvious to the abstract. I am very … …Read More

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The Power of “We”

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On Tuesday night the Faith-Highland Transition Team met for our monthly meeting of making decisions and looking to the future for Faith-Highland.  I shared some devotional thoughts based on Mark 9:38-41 where the Disciples are mad because others were casting … …Read More

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The Bible says God created us to worship Him. We worship God not just through song but through our everyday lives. It is so much more than we realize. Please consider these thoughts on worship. God created us to worship … …Read More

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Don’t Forget!


Sometimes I feel hurt, sad and upset by all the criticism Christians feel compelled to voice regarding mega churches. Sometimes I want to climb to the top of the world and shout, “I didn’t do this!!! This church is huge … …Read More

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