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Psalm 6: Raw and Real

For many, this time of year can be a struggle. The stressful holidays leading into a long winter can steer one into the direction of heightened exertion, turmoil and despair. It is the reality of life in a broken world.  … …Read More

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2015happynew year

University of Scranton research suggests that only 8% of individuals achieve their New Year’s goals. This staggering statistic says to me that people’s New Year’s resolutions are not realistically doable. I want us to consider more attainable (“resolutionable”) resolutions. Here … …Read More

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The Ravines


 The Ravines, Faith Church’s retreat center where couples go for healing, hope and strength in their marriage, had an incredible 2014! The Ravines had record numbers of couples walk through their doors; couples from 19 different states to couples from … …Read More

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Christmas “To Do” List

chrismast to do list

I’m sure many of you have a Christmas “to do” list. And like me, you are busily trying to check things off of that list. Mine includes things such as: grocery shopping, buying and wrapping presents, visiting shut-ins, finish decorating … …Read More

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Having studied theology in grad school and receiving a Masters of Divinity, it probably qualifies me to be a quasi-theologian. I have studied Christology, Eschatology (end times), Missiology (missions), Soteriology (salvation), Ecclesiology (church), etc. However, there is one “ology” that … …Read More

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