Don’t Miss Jesus

The last few weeks have been busy.  Attended a conference with my friends from seminary, both vans needed to be fixed, sporting events for the kids, Weekend and Thanksgiving services, The Gobbler Classic, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday celebrations, a lot was going on.  (I know Christmas isn’t for 26 days, but for Kristin’s family we celebrated last weekend because everyone was in town.)

 As I now have a moment of rest after this stretch the thought keeps coming to my head, Don’t Miss Jesus.

There were very exciting and fun things done over this last little while, it would have been easy to not thank Him.  There were hard conversations and times of walking with people who are struggling, it would have been simpler to ignore Him, blame Him, or try not to think about what message He was sending.

The holidays can be from joyous to pain-filled, from crazy-busy to extreme boredom, from people overload to extended solitude.  Whatever this season contains for you and for me, I pray we don’t miss Jesus in it.


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