From Ripple to Wave

Each week a variety of “transfer materials” are distributed to the various sites of Faith Church.  These materials include computers, print materials, videos, children’s curriculum and all sorts of stuff in between.  It is a weekly process of back and forth.

A few weeks ago I arrived at the Dyer site to pick up the CL transfer stuff at 6:30 AM.  What a surprise for me!  There, at the same time, were two other transfer agents…Jason DeVries and Ron Citlau.  This was the first time that I could remember that we all three arrived and departed at the same time.  We greeted each other with friendly grunts, packed up our awesome jalopies, and drove off.  One south to Cedar Lake.  One east to Valparaiso.  One north to Hammond.  Each anticipating what God might do in His church 10+ miles away from the central engine of the Dyer site.

That was a cool moment for me.  I remember when that transfer pick-up involved only one person.  And then two.  And now it’s three. And soon to be four (heading south and west to Beecher).  The Word of God and the ministry of this local church called Faith is being sent out to reach the disconnected and grow the connected.  The ripple has become a small wave.  Who knows where God will take us next!

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