Faith Church’s Leadership Residency

As you know, Faith Church feels called to plant 20 churches/campuses/venues by 2020.  To make that happen we need quality leaders who are biblically sound, ministry trained and passionate about God’s kingdom.  And we need a lot of them.  Six months ago we as a church began the process of developing a training program for potential pastors.  Tomorrow, after a lot of hard work, 7 potential pastors will begin a year-long journey to be assessed and trained as church planters and campus pastors.   These guys are amazing.  They have gone through rigorous assessments (with more on the way) and are men who love Jesus.   They are giving a significant amount of time to this process with no guarantee of what the future might hold for them.  Truth be told, they are excited about being a part of what God is doing in our region.  And we are excited to see what God will do in and through them in this coming season!

This is just the beginning.  By the fall, we will have training programs for worship leaders, Treasureland directors, elders and deacons.  We are serious about planting 20 churches by 2020.  We believe the leaders for these new churches are sitting in our Sunday morning services. Maybe you are one of them.   If you are at all interested in any of our leadership tracks, please contact me.  I will get you additional information.
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