Live Until You Die vs. Dying To Live

I am a life learner. I have learned much about death and dying in my 50 years of life. I have studied the theology of death, dying and eternity. I have walked with people from illness, diagnosis to near death and ultimately dying. I have led close to 200 funerals. I have witnessed death via cancer, car accidents, gun shots, suicides, infant to elderly…but I am still learning. Having witnessed my assistant, Mary Ann, 21 months ago wake up next to her husband who was already in heaven to 16 months later being diagnosed to a terminal illness; I went on a new learning curve.

 My latest learning is to live until you die. To me that is profound. To me that is my new example and life goal. I wonder how many people are dying to live. They go through life longing for a certain type of utopia. Thinking if I could just get, have, be, do, go…then I will be living. I wonder how many people are running scared through life wondering how, when and where will they die. That’s not living.

 I believe we need to live full throttle until we die. Job, in the Bible, knew a lot about death…“Man’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed. (Job 14:5)

 So what do you need to do to live until you die? What action or lack of action are you taking to choose to live? Where do you need to step out to live? Worry is dying. Fears take life. Surrender to God, submission to God, simply living is life. Live life until you die. Love, laugh, go, do, give, share, let go and live life until you die. I hope you can learn from a life learner like me about living until you die!

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