Facebook: Rules of Engagement

I still haven’t pinpointed what it is about Facebook that intrigues me so much. I think it has something to do with my hyperactive mind. I love the action and activity. For me, I have my own “rules of engagement” for Facebook. See what you think.


  1. Connecting with others: It allows me to keep up-to-date with family and friends. I love seeing the pictures. Without FB, I would not be as connected to friends from my past, relatives and current friends.
  2. Stay Positive: Be positive with most, if not all of my posts. I am fascinated by how many people complain about everything. It reveals a lot about who people are.
  3. Fun Banter: I enjoy the fun banter. I have to watch out for my “sarcasm” side so it doesn’t get too strong but I enjoy “ribbing” people about sports teams, states, etc.
  4. Politics: I seek to avoid politics since I have Christian friends on both sides of the aisle. This is just me. My role as a pastor weighs into this a lot.
  5. Ordinary People: I stay away from telling the world that I have the best of “anything”: best spouse, kids, home etc. I like to tell them face to face. I avoid Facebook bragging. We are all quite ordinary.
  6. Prayer: I really enjoy the spiritual “asks” When people post updates of loved ones who are ill or are in need, I tend to pause and pray. I recently watched as thousands of people prayed because of Facebook for a mom and her baby.
  7. Pause before you post: I tend to pause before I post because I want to make sure that I am spelling correctly, purely motivated and not venting my own issues.
  8. Frequency: I think there is a tension between too many and too few posts. We don’t need to know a person’s every meal, drink, activity. But a few items are fun to know. I think too many music video links or poster links can weaken the FB punch.
  9. FB Garage Sale: I don’t mind an occasional sale but that is not Facebook’s intent. It is connecting with people you care about. Finding out about their lives sells enough for me.
  10. Advice: I enjoy finding out ideas, places to eat, books to read, sports and movies that are cool.

Agree with my own rules of engagement? Add ons?

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