Campus Pastor/Director of LTR (Leadership Training Residency)

Ron Citlau has been on staff at Faith Church for over 5 years now. Ron began ministry in our Catalyst Ministry (18-30ish years old) and took it from scratch to over 180+. Ron has now shifted to become the campus pastor of Faith Church-Hammond. It began 10 months ago and is already worshipping with 400+. I sat down with Ron and asked him a few questions.


1.       What has been the greatest surprise in the Hammond Campus so far? That it is multi-generational. That it is cool and different age groups!

2.       As the Director of LTR what pumps you up?  Watching people step into their calling and being alert to God’s influence.

3.       Where do you feel your sweet spot is in ministry?  I believe as a preacher/leader.

4.       What is your weak spot in ministry?  Details.

5.       What do you do for health?  I try to exercise, spend time with the Lord and wife and leave space for fun.

6.       Favorite T.V. show?  The Walking Dead.

7.       Favorite movie?  I am excited that The Hunger Games is coming out.

8.       What brings you joy about being on staff at Faith?  The community and friendship between us.

9.       What’s your dream for ministry?  To be a leader that multiplies churches.

10.   What book has been your favorite over the last 2 years?  Union with Christ by J. Todd Billings.

11.   Bed time?  11:00 pm.

12.   Good habit?  Read Scripture when I wake up.

13.   Bad habit?  Eating dessert late at night.

14.   If you were king what would be one or two of your decrees?  European holiday schedule.

 Thanks, Ron! We love you!!

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