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What God is doing in Highland

join day 1

I frequently tell people that I’d much rather be a part of something that God is doing than anything I could create on my own.  2 Sundays ago I had the privilege of witnessing something special at Faith-Highland. The above … …Read More

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Expanding and Enfolding


Expanding and Enfolding   I spent some time this past weekend thinking about the tension between these two foci as it relates to us, Faith-Highland. Expanding is where we are looking to grow our campus and the amount of people … …Read More

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Do I believe what I believe?

“Do I believe what I believe?”this has been a very important question for me these past few weeks as we are in the final days before the public launch of Faith-Highland.  I actually first used that question with our designer when … …Read More

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“Inter-Mission” Questions

Uncertainty Ahead Road Sign

Following this Sunday’s service we will be heading on our 3 week “Inter-Mission” and I wanted to make sure you were as informed as possible about what will be happening and what we are asking of you during this time. … …Read More

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Faith-Highland Update


While it is definitely really hot outside, I wanted to let you know about some really cool things that are happening at Faith’s newest campus in Highland which publicly launches September 15! First and foremost I am amazed at how … …Read More

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