Romans 11:1-32

Continue the Conversation Questions Romans: Section 3, Week 14 Scripture Reference:  Romans 11:1-32 Discuss the following questions with your Mini-Church: 1. Would people consider you a “rule keeper” type person or a “rule breaker” type of person? 2. Read Romans … …Read More

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Why You Need to Attend the Leadership Summit

An Interview with Anne Contreras: A Christian View of Leadership You are a highly educated woman who has spent years in the corporate setting, both in finance and education administration. You left the workplace for a number of years to … …Read More

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Thankful for the Multi-Site model

I was once again reminded this weekend of how thankful I am for Faith Church’s multi-site model of ministry and my privilege to serve in it.  The Barrick family’s testimony was powerful, moving and transforming.  If Faith-Highland was a stand alone … …Read More

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The Barrick Family

Continue the Conversation Questions The Barrick Family Discuss the following questions with your Mini-Church: 1. Where have you seen God in your life this past week? 2. This weekend’s message focused on the area of healing.  Share where you have experienced healing … …Read More

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Romans 10:1-21

Continue the Conversation Questions Romans – Section 3 Message 13 Scripture Reference:  Romans 10:1-21 Discuss the following questions with your Mini-Church: 1. Read and discuss the commonalities of Romans 10:15, Nahum 1:15 and Isaiah 52:7. 2. Share a story of when you … …Read More

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